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Forensic accounting involves the collection and analysis of accounting and other financial evidence for the purposes of litigation or prospective litigation and, potentially, providing an expert opinion in court. In civil cases, this might relate to a breach of contract, business interruption, personal injury or a matrimonial dispute. Criminal cases might relate to fraud or tracing the proceeds of crime.

Our Forensic accountants assess the amount of the loss suffered, on behalf of either the claimant or the defendant (or sometimes for both parties as a Single Joint Expert). In a well run case we expect to be involved from an early stage to make an initial assessment of quantum and advise the legal team as well as producing evidence for use at trial.

Our Forensic practice focuses on our core specialist sectors. We believe that our depth of industry knowledge is invaluable in Forensic cases.

We believe that Forensic accountants should have detailed industry knowledge as well as financial and commercial expertise. Accordingly our forensic practice focuses on those sectors in which we have particular expertise and specialist knowledge.

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We provide specialist Forensic assistance to the legal profession, the insurance industry and directly to claimants and defendants in connection with a broad range of disputes involving businesses in our specialist sectors, being Veterinary, Rural, Agriculture and Food Producers, Legal and Accountancy Practices.