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Commercial Disputes

It is a fact of life that businesses, from time to time, encounter disputes. This could be over product liability issues or breach of contract, where a business has suffered a loss of income or incurred additional costs.

Whether a business has suffered a loss, or a client is defending a claim, it is imperative that proper advice is sought early to avoid costly mistakes and to bring a swift and successful conclusion to the matter. Our forensic team is able to provide an initial indication of quantum to determine whether a claim is worth pursuing or defending. Following the collection and analysis of evidence we can then accurately assess the losses.

We frequently act as expert witness in litigation for either defendant or claimant or as a single joint expert.

Business Interruption

If a business asset has been lost as a result of crime, natural disaster, or the negligent actions of others it can take a lengthy amount of time to restore trading conditions. For example a client may have suffered a loss of premises, damage to plant & machinery or loss of stock. In the time it takes to restore the business to its full functionality, income is being lost and costs are still being incurred.

Our forensic team acts for insurers, loss adjusters, claimant and defendants assessing business interruption and consequential losses and assisting with submitting or defending claims.

Professional Liability

On occasions a client may feel that professional work undertaken has not been carried out with necessary care and that losses have been suffered as a result.

We have provided accounting evidence in support and defence of claims against Accountants, Solicitors and Vets.

Partnership/Shareholder Disputes

As well as encountering disputes with external bodies, businesses may encounter internal disputes. These disputes can be extremely disruptive to a business and need to be resolved quickly, thoroughly and efficiently. A breakdown in the business relationship can arise as a result of valuation disputes on retirement, accounting treatments and misappropriation of funds.

Where appropriate, we can assist with negotiations to bring matters to an agreeable and prompt resolution. Alternatively we can prepare independent valuations of the business, act as expert witness or provide an expert determination.

Matrimonial Issues

Many commercial and financial issues can arise from matrimonial breakdown. Our Forensic team is frequently asked to value businesses and shareholdings/partnership shares and to advise on how a settlement can be funded out of a business.

We can also seek to identify any concealed assets.