About Us

We are very proud to have a national client base stretching from The Highlands and Islands of Scotland to the tip of Cornwall.

How we set about delivering for our clients is firstly to understand what our clients want and need from their business, establish what their business is capable of delivering, and identify and prioritise the clients’ aspirations.

This takes time to determine and will change over time. We then use our extensive knowledge and experience in tax, accounting, commercial finance and consulting to help our clients achieve their aims, whether this is through tax mitigation, business restructuring, tackling succession issues (amicable or otherwise), profit maximisation, efficiency in working practices or simply business skills coaching.

Moore Scarrott was launched in 2001 and has experienced continued growth ever since on a national scale in our specialist areas. We employ a strong and dynamic team who strive to maintain a forward thinking approach to keep up with the pace of the ever-evolving world around us with its opportunities and issues.

Our business is solely focussed on delivering outstanding service to our clients tailored to their needs.

Our philosophy has always been to make our clients better off in a way appropriate to them.

This might be through helping them make profit, pay less tax, use their time more effectively, structure their financial affairs in the most appropriate way for their circumstances, and a multitude of other ways.