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Forensic accountancy is a wide-ranging title. Where we are able to excel is where our team have enhanced knowledge of the specialist sectors in which we work and can, therefore, provide meaningful support. Our experts can assess the amount of loss suffered on behalf of the claimant or defendant and can produce appropriate evidence for use at trial, whilst liaising with the incumbent legal team.

A depth of industry specific knowledge is vital in any forensic case and we draw upon our years of experience of owner-managed businesses, as well as our specialist accounting fields of veterinary, healthcare and rural businesses to provide an invaluable support during corporate disputes.

Forensic accounting involves the collection, interrogation and analysis of relevant financial information to be used for the purposes of litigation or prospective litigation, or other disputes. In some cases, we may be required to act as an expert witness in court.

Partnership and shareholder disputes

Disputes within a business can cause great commercial damage in a short space of time and it is important that such issues are resolved quickly and efficiently with all parties.

Our years of providing accountancy services to professional partnerships and businesses in our key specialist sectors gives us a vital insight into the key areas to interrogate and resolve, to ensure that the commercial loss to the business is minimised.

Commercial disputes

Whether you have suffered the loss or are defending a claim against you, it is imperative to have the support of an expert in financial matters at an early stage to facilitate a swift and favourable conclusion.

Our accountants and auditors can make an initial assessment of the circumstances of the claim to identify whether it is commercially worth continuing. If so, we clearly and accurately assess the financial losses to bring appropriate evidence to any legal trial.

We can act as expert witness and have performed this role on a number of cases, presenting evidence on behalf of both sides of a dispute.

Business interruption claims

Whether through natural disasters or the criminal or fraudulent actions of a third party, it is vital that any business interruption is swiftly resolved. The next priority is remedying any financial losses.

Our forensic accountants work with insurance companies, loss adjusters, and both claimants and defendants to determine the commercial and financial impact of business interruption claims.

Professional liability claims

There may be occasions where a claim arises due to professional work not being undertaken with the skill, care and diligence one would expect from that profession, and that financial loss has occurred as a result of this.

Our team provide detailed analysis and evidence based on our specialist knowledge of key sectors, to enhance the claims of loss in any legal case, or to assist your defence against such claims.

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