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Are Apprenticeships just for school leavers?

Many people think apprenticeships are mainly for school leavers and only available for people looking to go into traditional trades, such as plumbing and joinery. This is simply not the case, Apprenticeships are for everyone. Accounting apprenticeships are available to all over 16’s and not in full time education. There is no upper age limit, mature apprenticeships are increasingly popular for career changes. What’s more, you can s earn a salary and gain work experience whilst achieving a qualification.

What happens if I fail an exam?

Moore Scarrott provides financial support for first attempts at examinations. Any fees incurred in relation to the retake of an examination will be the liability of the individual and not the Company.

If a trainee fails examinations repeatedly, the matter will be discussed with the individual in greater detail, to determine if there are any underlying issues.

What study method will I use?

Each qualification has a number of different potential study methods. Employees are encouraged to discuss study methods with their line manager to determine which method would be of most benefit to them and be most appropriate to their learning styles.

The Company’s preferred study methods are mixed mode and distance learning, in which the trainee is able to gain support as required but where the onus is placed on the employee to self-motivate and explore their development.

How many exams can I take at once?

We have a firmwide preferred method of 2 exams every 6 months this is to ensure that adequate focus is given to each area studied. However, if you struggle with this, there is a fall-back option of 1 per quarter.

How many study days will I receive?

The exact number of study leave days awarded to each trainee is dependent on their method of study and the qualification they are studying towards.

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